Subscription plans for

Features/Subscription plan 5D 10D 25D Custom
Device limit (?) 5 10 25 custom
Users limit (?) 1 2 3 custom
E-mail alert (?) yes yes yes custom
SMS Alerts(?) & Phone calls(?) 40(3€) 75(5€) 100(7€) custom
Log DB [days] (?) 30 365 730 custom
PDF reports (?) 1 2 5 custom
Multigraphs (?) 1 2 5 custom
Dashboards (?) 1 2 2 custom
HWg Monitor (?) yes yes yes custom
Open API (SNMP,XML) (?) yes yes yes custom
Price/year (?) 158€ 515€ 1309€ Ask for your price

About SensDesk Technology

SensDesk Technology are remote monitoring services by HW group that help companies or individuals to manage their devices and sensors via portal and monitor the environment in remote locations.


is paid portal from HW group with advanced features for monitoring management. Read more about subscription plans.


is free limited portal. Details about HWg-cloud portal.

  • Portal providers

are local providers that run their own portal based on SensDesk Technology.

List of Portal providers.


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Our 70+ Sensors and Detectors measure

Light measurement Analog Input Flooding Temperature Relative humidity
Vibration Smoke Power detector/switch Gas Power Supply



Our 70+ Sensors and Detectors measure

Current Air quality VoC Air quality CO2 Voltage Atmospheric pressure
Door contact Motion Electricity meter Contact Find out more


Connectivity of 30+ Devices


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Benefits of

   Immediate alerting   

   Remote monitoring   

Service reports

Graphs nad Multigraphs

Historical data

Real people support

Open API protocols





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How to migrate devices between portals



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